Waterside by Infinite Fade Out -- Tragedy is as integral to the human story as every joyous starburst of hope and love and peace. It never seems so in the heat of the moment, when the brunt force trauma consumes our bones, but the pain is vital to understanding the human condition. Essex folksmith Infinite Fade Out, a producer and musician by trade, decorates a brutally griping tale of one woman’s devastating loss of her child with softness, yet never compromising on the emotional gut-punch. Gina Ellen lends her magnetizing and heavenly vocal cords to the story, the kind which evokes the calming hurricane-force winds of an Anne Murray ballad. The acoustics gurgle and ripple around her angkles, and as the folds of emotion wash over her entire form, she casts the broken shell to be lapped up by the fading tides. “I’m sitting by the waterside,” she calls, as a bird tearing its warble from its feathered chest. It’s a performance as elegant as it is merciless.”

Scott, Bsides and Badlands

“Struggling to Sleep” by Infinite Fade Out featuring Gina Ellen. When your body is stricken with insomnia, or you simply are prey to your own restless night in the midnight hours, you replay would-haves, could-haves and should-haves like a weathered home video. Images are projected up on your mental screen, a hollowness drowning out your speech. Gina Ellen attempts to scream into the blackness that hangs like delicate planetary orbs above her head. “Struggling to Sleep” is a dreamy, melancholic prayer to a lover whose actions shattered her into a million pieces. “You used to say you loved me right back at the start,” she sings, her tears the framework alongside the guitar’s equally calamitous tantrums.”

Bsides and Badlands

With just a thought and a glimpse of a story in his mind, INFINITE FADE OUT, released the calming effects of ‘Andromeda’. IFO is a solo endeavor of music and soundscapes and it’s the artist’s earnest break-out moment, in a personal capacity, into revealing his inner needs, wants, and emotions to the world. The Essex UK based artist states: “For many years I wanted (and tried) to write a novel but I found it required too much detail for me. That’s why I love song writing because within a song I only really suggest a loose scenario and the music helps the fill in the gaps.” With singer Gina Ellen collaborating in some of IFO’s songs, the project is a journey of personal introspection.”

Come Here Floyd

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